How call tracking helped 3 Men Movers make the most of their marketing

Here's a look at the team at 3 Men Movers.

The home services industry is one where technology can blend seamlessly with traditional marketing. One woman-owned Texas moving company, 3 Men Movers, is at the forefront of integrating tech into their marketing practices to stay at the cutting edge of their industry. In order to connect with local customers who need moving services, 3 Men Movers uses call tracking to attribute leads to ads, keywords and listings like Yelp — and prove ROI.

This innovation helps drive demand for over 30,000 moves a year.

However, while analyzing marketing program performance, 3 Men Movers ran into a problem: a gap in reporting. Although sales were rising (likely a result of their new campaigns), they couldn’t attribute those results to any particular campaign. There was no way to assess and optimize ad spend. Understanding their marketing attribution was especially daunting for campaigns that had both online and offline components.

The situation: Spotting gaps in attribution

3 Men Movers started with traditional marketing channels for the home services industry, but as they grew in both market locations and diversity of advertising channels, they needed a way to track the calls they received. Before CallRail, 3 Men Movers only had visibility into leads created from completed web forms — they couldn’t attribute conversions from calls to their campaigns.

3 Men Movers launched their initial PPC program without call tracking. Looking at loyal customers, they targeted similar demographics through digital campaigns. While they saw an increase in sales from their efforts, there seemed to be a gap in attribution. Their PPC vendor was reporting successful digital campaigns with lots of clicks on their ads. But with no visibility beyond the clicks, they didn’t know if these campaigns were actually driving phone calls.

On Yelp, their campaigns reported a high click-through rate to their website, but with no conversions attached, similar to their display campaigns. Their Yelp ad spend initially seemed like a lost cause.

The solution: Creating full visibility into campaigns

3 Men Movers simply couldn't see where the conversions were happening. After implementing CallRail’s call tracking software, they found the gap.

Before implementing CallRail, 3 Men Movers was using the same main business phone number on every campaign. When they began to use unique call tracking numbers, they realized that calls from these ads were attributed to organic traffic. It turned out that 80-90% of jobs from Yelp originate through phone calls, and since 3 Men Movers wasn't tracking those initially, they had no visibility into those conversions.

Their webform tracking wasn't capturing everything — not even close.

After call tracking and Dynamic Number Insertion (DNI) were added, the conversion rate for Yelp ads jumped to 25%, driving a significant improvement in ROI. Campaigns which once looked like a waste of money were suddenly top performers. Call tracking also revealed that PPC ads were behind both web and call conversions.

CallRail tracks the phone calls 3 Men Movers receives and assigns call tracking numbers to specific campaigns. The marketing department can check overall call metrics or drill down to the results from specific ad campaigns. They can see exactly which paid campaigns are driving the best leads.

The results: Smarter marketing — and spending

Without CallRail, 3 Men Movers might have unknowingly reduced ad spend on a very lucrative channel. Had 3 Men Movers cut spending on their Yelp ads or display campaigns, they could have seen sales drop off significantly.

But by understanding the true ROI of their ad campaigns, 3 Men Movers knew which marketing channels were important to maintain and further optimize.

“In the past, we were only able to measure leads from customers who completed the online web form, but weren't able to measure any leads that opted to click-to-call,” says Chelsea Anderson, Marketing Manager. CallRail has allowed them to properly attribute campaigns.

3 Men Movers uses CallRail’s reporting to connect marketing spend to phone calls to actual jobs completed. This reporting, combined with CallRail’s Google Ads integration, allows for everyone in the company to stay on the same page and properly support their marketing efforts.

“Knowing that certain ad campaigns perform better for phone calls allowed us to adjust that campaign to be better optimized for call generation,” explains Chelsea. She appreciates that CallRail gives 3 Men Movers the ability to separately analyze calls from all the different lead sources.

Since implementing call tracking numbers into their tech stack, 3 Men Movers has been able to monitor their campaigns with complete visibility. They’ve optimized their marketing budget via attribution and continue to press forward with a tech-forward mindset.

Best of all, they’ve found peace of mind knowing that their marketing efforts are paying off by proving ROI.