How Call Tracking Helped Think Profits Learn More About Their Clients’ Needs

This is a guest post by Rose Morris, Senior Marketing Content Writer at Think Profits, a full-service digital marketing agency located in Vancouver, British Columbia.

Getting to know your target audience is the most important thing you can do for your business, no matter what industry you are in. The deeper your understanding of the client, the better equipped you are to create marketing campaigns that convert and increase ROI. As a trusted digital marketing company that’s been around for over 20 years, we thought we’d learned everything we could about our target audience. Call tracking changed that (for the better)!

Call tracking makes it simple to track more data from individual phone calls than ever before. CallRail tracks calls by assigning a unique phone number to each online and offline marketing campaign. CallRail can also provide local phone numbers that match whatever area code a given visitor is browsing from. The tracking system puts a cookie on the visitor’s browser so it recognizes if they come back to the site later and doesn’t label them as a different client. Once we implemented CallRail’s call tracking system, we found ourselves becoming aware of things about our clients we never thought we’d have access to—which led to more successful marketing campaigns and ultimately more conversions and a boost in ROI. Here are some of the ways call tracking helped us get to know our clients—and what makes them convert— Better.

Callers’ individual information

One of the most obvious ways CallRail call tracking helped us learn more about our clients was by providing us with their individual information such as where they live and what time of day they call. This type of information is crucial for understanding your target demographic on a basic level so that you can learn which geographic areas to target, what time of day to post on social media and send email campaigns, and more. For us, call tracking made obtaining this information extremely fast and convenient.

Know what frustrates clients & what convinces them

Call recording means we could review our phone calls and find patterns in what specifically made prospective clients more likely to purchase our services and what they found frustrating. The ability to review calls and pinpoint exactly what phrase or concept made a client have a change of heart—whether negative or positive—made it easier to tailor the way we talk about our services to what our clients want to hear.

How we could improve client care

In addition to learning exactly what services and policies clients like or dislike, call recording is also a great way to review employees’ phone manner and learn how best to talk to clients in order to get the results you want. By listening back to our client-care and sales calls, we were able to figure out exactly what our team could do better to make customers feel at ease and then train them accordingly to help each staff member become a pro at client phone calls.

What exactly makes people call

Dynamic Number Insertion (DNI) lets you know exactly which ad, landing page, or campaign a person saw before they called, so we were able to figure out which of our campaigns were working and which weren’t. The way DNI works is like this: when a visitor gets to a website, the contact phone number they see is automatically changed to a number that corresponds to the source they came from (an ad or other marketing campaign), so based on the number they use you are able to see exactly what source led them to get to your website and make the call. For our agency, this service really took the guessing game out of figuring out which ads were worthwhile and which ones weren’t. Once we started using DNI, we were able to put our time and money into the types of campaigns that produce calls and stop wasting resources on those that don’t.

Which keywords generate calls

CallRail’s Visitor Tracking service assigns each web visitor a unique phone number when they arrive at your website, which means you can get really specific with what you’re tracking. This service helped us so much because we could actually track which keywords the people who called us had typed into their search engine in order to find our site, and then strategically place those keywords in new content as we created it.

Getting to know brand-new clients

Call tracking has been excellent for getting to know our current clients on a deeper level, but it’s also been helpful for learning about our brand-new clients and what entices them to get in touch with us in the first place. With call tracking, we have been able to discover which keywords first-time callers are searching in order to get to our site, where they are spending time on the site, and CallRail’s Time to First Call report shows how long a person browses our site before picking up the phone and making that first call. This allowed us to learn the differences between our current clients and our new clients and helped us to specifically target people who have never worked with us before.