Customer spotlight: Do You Convert streamlines online sales with CallRail

Image of the Do You Conver team.

This month, we're shining a light on Do You Convert. Based in Tulsa, Oklahoma, Do You Convert is an online sales and marketing consulting agency focused on the real estate industry. They help home builders and developers across the US drive online sales, fine-tune their marketing strategies, improve lead generation, and effectively launch new communications with the help of CallRail. Get inspired. Read their story.

Give us a quick snapshot of Do You Convert and what do you use CallRail for.

My name is Jenn Barkan. I am an online sales coach at Do You Convert. We are a consulting company that partners with new home builders specifically to ramp up or implement their online sales and marketing program.

All the people that work here at Do You Convert work across 10 different states at this point. I'd say in the last roughly eight years, we have been recommending CallRail as the tool for call tracking with our online sales specialist and marketing teams that we work with as well.

How does CallRail help your performance as a sales specialist?

You know, we think of CallRail as like a virtual assistant. Really, it's taking notes for me. I mean, when I was an online sales specialist myself, I always had to have a pen and paper where I'd jot down notes and things like that.

There wasn't a way to set up a call flow. We have to have a way to streamline, to manage, to track. And the great thing about CallRail, which I love, is that it is so user-friendly.

The online sales specialist can hop in there and navigate it themselves. I'm going in and pulling up [the calls] that I missed. I need to get back to them right away. Being able to segment out voicemail. These are the people that left me a voicemail. I love that feature, too.

How does CallRail help you track the home buyer journey from conversion to appointment?

As far as tracking, being able to see how many of our appointments came from calls, and I can tell you right now, it's really high. That is, the calls are the highest converting source.

Being able to track that from start to finish and seeing what the end result is, is so important. They love being able to have the option of if I'm on the go. It rings right to my cell phone.

What do you love about the CallRail platform?

The reason that CallRail is so awesome is because it is so efficient. You've got your texting built-in. You could add templates in there. You've got your outbound calling right there.

Everything is in one spot, and it's so easy to navigate. So, we're still old school. Picking up the phone and calling somebody is always best practice sending an email behind that.

And then the trifecta is layering on a text message. And so, having that feature built right into CallRail, it's right there. You just pull it up, [and] send an outbound text.

Another cool thing which, oh my gosh, I wish I had this when I was an online sales specialist is you can create those templates. Those premade texting templates. It's right there. You can pull it up. It saves you so much time. And saving time and working efficiently is the name of the game in the online sales world right now.

What do you tell clients when recommending CallRail?

When we partner with our builder clients, we're recommending CallRail, as this is the solution for you. This is going to do everything that you need it to do. From an online sales and marketing standpoint, there's nothing else. This is what you need.

So when we recommend CallRail, we are not only just recommending CallRail. We are getting in there and setting it up for them.

How would you describe CallRail's service?

Being able to pick up the phone and send an email to our partners over at CallRail has been instrumental. I'm just going to give Tamika a shout-out right now. She is my go-to person, and being able to say, I know Tamika, and I can pick up the phone or email her and call her, and she's got my back, which in turn has my clients.

How has CallRail gone above and beyond for you?

It is unheard of to be able to hop on a call with a Senior VP of Sales and a Senior Production member that actually listens to you and listens to what your challenges are, and listens to the feedback from your clients. It's been amazing.

Any parting words?

Team CallRail, I just want to thank you for being such an amazing partner the last several years. Thank you for listening. I encourage you to continue to be curious, understand what your client's needs are. Ask questions and be open to feedback. And everyone will get better because of it.