Customer Spotlight: GoldenComm drives ROI with CallRail

View of the GoldenComm office, credit to their Facebook page.

At CallRail, we work tirelessly to create a platform that our customers love and enjoy. It's stories like Managing Director Jessica Katz's at GoldenComm that motivate us to continue working with intensity to deliver incredible products that help businesses grow. Here's a closer look at their story.

Can you tell us a little bit about your team at GoldenComm?

I feel like our mission statement does a great job of explaining our culture. So, it's short and sweet. It's "we make websites work harder." You know, anyone could make a website, but not everyone can make it work harder for you and your business.

How did your agency get started with CallRail?

As an agency, we've been highly invested in call tracking for a very long time. But our introduction to CallRail started, I want to say, towards the end of 2019.

One of your fabulous sales reps actually reached out to me and wanted to set up a platform demo. So, um, you know, after a few meetings and calls and test trials with the team, we were able to make the switch. I want to say it was early last year, and it's, it's just been night and day. And I can't tell you how happy we are with the platform.

How important is call tracking in your day-to-day work?

It is very, very important to us. For a few reasons: one is it really gives us insight into company operations of our clients. So, you know, some people might look at marketing and think, "oh, you know, it's fluffy top-of-the-funnel activity."

But for us, it's more than that, and it's very ROI driven. And so the more we can understand the entire operations and sales process of a business, the better decisions we can make as marketers.

So being able to actually listen to those phone calls, uh, gives us two very key pieces of insight.

First and foremost, we're able to understand are the leads and the traffic that we're sending to our clients quality? If they are great, how can we make it better? If it's not, what can we adjust so that it fits for better prospecting?

And two, I can't tell you how many times we've identified things that the client can work on for their process. So it really helps us in a lot of ways to be a better strategic partner and make sure, you know, again, we're not just looking at the leads that we're driving, but we're looking at how those leads are being handled by the business.

Can you tell us about your ROI?

Yeah, the ROI is definitely there for us. One thing that has been kind of a pleasant surprise, I would say for us, is usually when the capabilities and strength of a platform go up, so does the cost. But we actually experienced the inverse of that when we moved over. The capabilities went up, and our costs came down.

So, business-wise, we're seeing some ROI there. When it comes to the efficiency of our team and clients, again, looking at company operations, because our team can be faster and be more nimble, we're experiencing ROI there.

And then, of course, with our clients, again, it's just the amount of information that we're able to get by listening to and tracking those phone calls to make better-informed decisions on the marketing side.

What would you say to other agencies who aren't currently using CallRail?

Switching systems can be a lot of work. And I would say our transition was very smooth as well. So, fellow agencies, if you're afraid to make the switch because of time or losing data or having downtime for your clients, I would say, you know, I wouldn't worry about that.

CallRail is incredibly supportive and very easy to set up. It's a very intuitive UI, so I think you're going to give the gift of time back to your team. And I think it's a great platform to grow with as well.

What is your favorite CallRail feature?

Ooh, favorite CallRail feature... I would say for me personally, it's the UI. I think people a lot of times don't think about just how your users are interacting with your platform. And in my opinion, and being in the space of technology and websites and understanding user interface, user experience, I think CallRail has done a fabulous job of making it intuitive and easy.

I did poll the entire marketing team and said, "okay, guys, tell me, what do you love about CallRail?" And, it's absolutely conversation intelligence. It's the ability to tag with those keywords and the quick implementation time as well.

Thank you [CallRail] for making a product and a platform that marketers can use easily. It's flexible, it allows us to give our clients what they need, it allows us to get our job done well. So, I just want to say thank you guys for paying attention to the little details.

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