Open for business: Bouncing back with post-pandemic call data

We’re used to hearing “back to business as usual” and “the new normal” now that businesses are opening back up after COVID-19. But what exactly does this mean, and what does this look like for SMBs?

We looked into call data from thousands of calls from CallRail customers through 2019, 2020, and Q1 of 2021 to answer these questions and more. Download your copy of our report to learn key insights such as how businesses performed on essential growth metrics, such as call volume growth, average call duration, top call sources, and more.

Illustrated business window with open sign

What you'll learn

  • How COVID impacted business calls and key takeaways
  • The top call source behind most calls during the pandemic
  • Effective ways to optimize your call strategy
  • How to better manage calls and close more deals