How Wit Digital is Saving $4,000 per Month With Conversation Intelligence

Qualifying inbound phone leads efficiently and accurately is essential to driving ROI for your clients. But if you’re spending hundreds of dollars (and hours) having someone manually review and transcribe your calls to get the job done, you run the risk of inaccurate and lackluster results.

That was the case for Ryan Cook, Director of Client Strategy at Wit Digital.

“Our overseas vendors couldn’t pick up what we were putting down. We would explain what we were trying to do— but they never really got it.”

But that soon changed when Ryan powered up CallRail’s Call Tracking with Conversation Intelligence. Now he has “new insights into what’s working and what’s not.” Download their case study to learn how.  

What you'll learn

  • Benefit of powering Call Tracking with Conversation Intelligence
  • Top Conversation Intelligence feature that streamlines call classification
  • How to identify new keyword opportunities while refining existing lists