Put your internet leads behind the wheel

Today’s car buying journeys begin online. Get the clarity you need to drive more leads from your marketing campaigns to your showroom.

Learn more from your phone calls.

"I'm interested in scheduling a test drive in a car I saw on your website." Calls to your dealership are packed with insights. They help you know which marketing channels are prompting internet leads to go from click to call to closed deal. They help you understand how to staff the phones in fixed ops and what services callers are asking about. And they help you gauge your sales team’s performance so you can train and teach. Top car dealerships use CallRail for all this and more.

Know the keywords your callers use to optimize your bidding.

Hear the questions your callers ask to train your salespeople.

See the ads your callers click to maximize their marketing budget.


Keep the bays busy with conversation intelligence.

A recent Google report shows that over 25 percent of auto-related searches online are related to parts, service, and maintenance. Are you showing up for your prospects?

CallRail’s AI-powered Conversation Intelligence suite helps dealerships uncover common over-the-phone service inquiries so they can tailor their digital marketing to answer real questions and boost their fixed ops appointments.

Case Study

Humberview Group sees 3x increase in leads with CallRail.

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Automate Lead Scoring on Your Phone Calls

Phone calls to your dealership are loaded with insights. Pick up on trends in your call data in an automated fashion — what questions are your prospects asking? What key phrases are emerging? Is a caller a qualified lead or just a returning customer? Conversation intelligence gives you all this information and more.

Pump attribution data into your tech stack

Integrate CallRail with your CRM, marketing automation software, and advertising platform. Get a clearer picture of your marketing performance and more insight into your buyer’s journey.