How Alaniz Marketing uses CallRail to help clients help themselves

For Alaniz -- a marketing agency based in Novato, CA -- the CallRail Hubspot integration is critical. With fewer than ten employees, they are a full service agency bringing their clients into the digital age.

Attribution is the wild, wild west of marketing. As programs get bigger, it gets harder to unravel the ball of yarn of all of those touchpoints,” explains Andrew Erickson, a partner at the agency.

Andrew recalls leading a workshop on the theory of attribution. He asked the crowd, “Who feels like they have decent attribution reporting?” Only one participant out of 50 gave even a halfhearted yes.

That’s where CallRail and Hubspot come in.

Many companies come to Alaniz with dual needs: web design and demand generation. For most, they’ve done marketing a specific (and often outdated) way for years. Seeing competitors rise with a fully digital strategy is often the signal to businesses that they need to reach out.

Alaniz decides what marketing and sales software be the winning combination for demand generation marketing campaigns. Catering to a number of industries (healthcare, renewable energy, finance, and fintech), Alaniz has found that CallRail and Hubspot will power even the trickiest of campaigns.

Alaniz’s services include a complete brand identity refresh over six to twelve months. The agency will deliver comprehensive website brand messaging and set up a complete marketing and sales infrastructure.

“It was really apparent that nobody, even in Silicon Valley, had this down. Working with CallRail helps us add this layer,” Andrew explains.

Andrew is a champion of technology. He’s integrated cutting-edge software into Alaniz’s core service areas and developed the agency’s advertising, digital, and PR infrastructure. With a 15-year background in consulting, business development, and integrated marketing, he knows what works when it comes to attribution software and CRM.

Andrew is the reason Alaniz is a platinum level Hubspot partner running the San Francisco user group.

The path to platinum snowballed over a number of years. For Alaniz, Hubspot started off first as a marketing software. Then they added a CRM. After that, they built out more sales functionality, then customer service, and found that as the product evolved, other software evolved with it, allowing Alaiz to adapt the integration for each of their clients. meeting-with-legal-clients For one client, The Law Offices of James E. Crawford, Jr. and Associates, LLC, a Hubspot implementation was necessary alongside a full rebrand.

When the agency started with JC Law, they were already using CallRail to track their PPC efforts. By hooking the software up to Hubspot, they can now vet cases by looking through calls and contact records.

They’ve built an entire workflow system set up to handle inbound records in a systematic and organized fashion. They use it daily along with Callrail’s Call Recording as a record-keeping system.

For another client, realtor Beverly Barnette, Alaniz implemented CallRail as a way to optimize customer interaction. Initially, all calls routed to Beverly’s cell phone.

The addition of CallRail into the realty office’s tech stack was able to simplify call notes through recordings and automatic contact uploads into Hubspot. That way, Barnette and her marketing team could see who called and why, even if she missed a call or two on the road.

In the open environment of marketing software, technology partners like CallRail serve a collaborative role in helping businesses attribute leads. Staying open to new software is what keeps Alaniz competitive.

Dynamic Number Insertion is an Alaniz favorite for attribution.

“The idea that when somebody calls in, we can tag them back to the entrypoint on the website and this third party platform can populate into hubspot and give us that attribution modeling is fantastic,” explains Andrew. “In marketing, we want to understand where we spend our dollars and what results we get on the other side.”

Whether a customer is coming from a website, offline ad, or any other source is important for the agency to know what works. Because these forms of advertising could be different for each client, Alaniz uses attribution software to figure out what works for each business.

By using the Hubspot and CallRail integration in a way which responds to the needs of each client, Alaniz is able to stay at the cutting edge of digital marketing. They are able to onboard a variety of clients who stay because of the changes they see in their business due to attribution.

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