Customer Spotlight: Gravity Digital streamlines client lead response time with Form Tracking

Casey O'Quinn is the founder of Gravity Digital, a Houston-area boutique video agency specializing in producing creative content for their healthcare clients.

Gravity was driving client leads via Google Search Ads, Youtube Ads, Facebook Ads, and more. But they weren’t sure if clients were actually following up with them. Since agencies only succeed when their clients do, Casey knew he had to make sure opportunities weren’t being overlooked.

The Challenge: Gravity clients were missing opportunities

For Gravity, call tracking is essential to its healthcare clients. "CallRail Call Tracking is in my presentation pitch deck. Clients are hearing about CallRail from the beginning," Casey explained.

Using call tracking, the agency can monitor account performance from timely appointment booking through prompt reminders and follow-up. When client teams lagged, Gravity had the data they needed to advocate improvement.

But calls aren’t the only way patients book appointments.

Before CallRail, tracking requests from website form submissions was a completely different ball game. The HIPAA compliant forms they were using were way too complicated. Casey’s team couldn’t tell which leads were truly qualified, and they didn’t have the insights they needed to hand them off to the booking team to close them.

“We had clients come to us with broken forms, where form submissions weren’t actually showing up. Clients didn’t know when a contact form was submitted or any other kinds of forms,” Casey said.

The Solution: Gravity dials-in client response time with Form Tracking

Already a Form Tracking user, Gravity decided to take a deeper look into the product’s features. That’s when they came across Form Submission Notifications and its Quick and Automated Response features.

Form Tracking Healthcare snap

Not only does form submission notifications ensure that all form leads are routed to the right front desk staff, but they enable Gravity Digital’s clients to provide prompt follow-up with Quick and Automated Response.

Quick Response puts staff members a click away from following up with a lead via email, text, or phone call. And in the case that they’re busy working with another patient, they can set up an Automated Response to let leads know that their request has been received and when they can expect a staff member to reach out to them.

How form tracking notifications work

“Now with Form Tracking’s form submission notifications, we’re having good transparent conversations so we can see leads that are coming in or appointment requests….So if we can see that no one’s being followed up with, that’s an issue, and it’s probably not from the campaign,” Casey said.

The results: Gravity’s leads are valued — and pursued

When patients request appointments, they need replies as soon as possible. Form Tracking helps Gravity cut response time and follow-up sooner. Form Tracking’s Form Submission Notifications has also helped Gravity take a more proactive approach to the lead hand-offs between marketing and the front desk.

As Casey stated, "You're much more likely to close someone if you respond to them very quickly. I would always want any client, no matter the industry, to get that form notification very quickly, so they can take whatever action is needed."

Don’t assume your clients are acting on the opportunities your agency delivers. Know, with Form Tracking. Try it free for 14 days.