Why one real estate company traded their phone system for Lead Center

When capturing every opportunity is essential, having more than one phone system can easily get in the way. That was the norm for Director of Operations Ryan Parker at DCI Properties. Not only did he have to wrangle multiple systems, but they were unable to keep up with his team's growing demands. And after trying and rejecting several VoIP systems, Ryan finally found a solution in Lead Center.

Now he only has only one phone system to keep track of. The best part? Lead Center allows his team to use their tracking numbers to place, take, and transfer calls. It even makes monitoring calls a breeze while keeping the team in sync with a single inbox. So whenever a lead rings, the team has access to everything they need to move prospects into clients seamlessly.

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What you'll learn

  • How Lead Center can streamline your workflows
  • The benefits of using Lead Center to make, take, and transfer calls
  • How Lead Center enhances and elevates Call Tracking's capabilities
  • Ways to deliver better customer experiences with Lead Center